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On this site you will find tools made available by the WebSphere Commerce Support Team

Java Health Report

The WebSphere Commerce Health Center Report tool uses Java Health Center files (.hcd) to generate a report of the configuration and performance of your WebSphere Commerce and Search servers.

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DB2 Report

The WebSphere Commerce DB2 Report tool relies on the script to gather DB2 configuration and performance data using DB2 Monitor routines and views. This tool uses the data collected to create a report that will help you analyze configuration and performance.

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Since, WebSphere Commerce includes the Performance Measurement Tool (PMT) which gives you insight into the operations running inside your WebSphere Commerce and Search servers, and allows you to identify bottlenecks and possible performance improvements.

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IHS Report

Use the WebSphere Commerce IHS Report tool to validate the configuration and performance of your IHS Web Server. This version is able to analyze mpmstats messages in the error.log and generate charts to help you understand the performance behavior.

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